Loveland Mini Goldendoodle Puppies
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Our Rocky is an amazing balance of a service dog as well as a family member. He is very well mannered so much so, that we are constantly receiving compliments about his demeanor and handsomeness.  Even though he is a service dog, he can still be a total goofball who brings so much  fun and entertainment to our family.  We just love him!  We are so glad we flew in from South Carolina to find our goldendoodle at Lovelandgoldendoodles. 
We love our Bella.  She is so sweet and was so easy to train as a puppy.  We can leave her in our house when we are at work and we watch her on the video cam and she is a perfect dog.  She doesn't ever tear anything up.  She is beautiful and so well behaved.   She cuddles with us on the couch and is so good with our nieces and nephews.  Everyone tells us she should be a service dog.  Jason and Jill

Meet our Gracie! Gracie became a part of or family at a time we weren't yet ready for another dog.  We are so glad we didn't wait and brought her into our family. She is a bit like her dad, Toby, Very respectful.  She never leads through a doorway.  She always waits for an invitation.  Gracie could have been a therapy dog, as she recognizes people hat may need a calmer interaction with her than others. She is a joy to travel with and jumps right int the back seat for her position by the window.  The only time we ever have heard her bark is when she is having a rambunctious fun day at doggie day care. Gracie pounces on a retrieves the newspaper every day and jumps onto the deck bench to get her daily brushing.  We can't imagine our lives without dear, Gracie.

Isabelle is still very spoiled.  I can see why people ask you all the time for puppies.  they are so cute, such good dogs and very intelligent.  She sheds slightly.  We are ok with this because our last dog shed like crazy.  It is nice we can put her in the car and not have to vacuum afterwords.  When we go for walks she walks very elegantly and proudly on her leash.  She is a very good watch dog and lets me know when somebody comes to the house.  She rides in our car calmly too.
We couldn't be happier with our Sam! He's doing great and is making great progress in training and family bonding. He's struck the perfect balance of hanging with Beans and playing rough, and then cuddling with the humans and just being a big sweetheart. He hasn't had an accident in the house since the first night, which is fairly amazing, and he's taken to going in the grass like he was born in it! After he pees outside, him and Beans come back for praise and a treat (we use teeny tiny training size ones for Sam) and he sits like a good boy waiting patiently for it. Nothing seems to really phase him, which is awesome, and a testament to your rearing skills! He's inquisitive and slightly hesitant at first, but always conquers that fear quickly and seems like he's got a really good little brain in that fuzzy head of his. Just today he's started responding to his name as well, which is great. 
Bill, Tam and the kids